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Welcome! Thank you for joining us!

With YQG CARES we believe in the collective power in numbers.

Individually, it's hard to create momentum and change.

As a community, larger projects can be completed with ease. With very little impact to each contributing member.

Imagine, a community base of 5000+ members, each contributing $5 a month, something barely noticed on a monthly budget. But collectively that amounts to $25,000 to tackle community objectives and make a positive change in a huge way!

Deciding to join our group of members, committing anywhere between $5-$100/ month, you will be a part of a new wave of change. For the better.

We believe wholeheartedlay in the power in numbers.

You will be notified of current events, ideas and discussions happening, future projects and initiatives..

Together, we CAN make a difference!

Sign up today, become a part of the change. Let's change the society we will in. For us and for those that we love.

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1 Comment

In aww of your ability to cut through all the nonsense and advocate for the homeless people who required your help. Also its incredible you have paired up with each of them to continue to assist the. Way to go !!

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