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High Fives

Our Work

It’s Really Simple, at YQG Cares, we believe that community matters. We believe that NO issue is ever a "they" issue, it's an "us" issue.

When community members step up, transformation happens.

Community Involvement 

We are highly dedicated to our community and serving it daily. Throughout hosting numerous events including the YQGCares sleeping bag drive, The Miracle Manicure Day, The Walk For React Day and many Giving Eight events.


Walk To React

Today we walked for REACT , a recovery for trauma and addiction program that have helped so many of my friends. It was a humbling honour to stand with these amazing humans and be a part of their recovery. Our team #yqgcares raised 2.5k in under a week ! 

Breaking The Stigma - The Untold Stories Of Life During And After The Streets.


Most people don't think it could happen to them, until it does. That's the whole point of our campaign “Breaking The Stigma - The Untold Stories Of Life During And After The Streets.”

We wanted to share real stories of how everyday people from all backgrounds can wind up on the streets. We wanted to show the community that it could happen to anyone.

This initiative highlights 10 local individuals who have faced, or are facing homelessness. It will highlight their stories, their circumstances, and their dreams.

Through the generous contribution of some gracious community members and businesses, we were able to offer them a makeover with new clothes, haircuts, photo shoots, resumes, employment support, and more.

We're so excited to complete their projects and highlight each and every one of them as the wonderful members of our community they all are.

To keep up to date with our upcoming events, check out our Facebook Page!

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